Addicted to busyness.



We are obsessed with keeping busy.

With every passing day, it feels like we are busier than ever. I honestly think that some of the problems we experience in our everyday life occur because we are stretching ourselves too thin. A lot of the busyness comes from having all of these new and wonderful opportunities that weren’t available many years ago. So we throw ourselves at every new opportunity. While having these new opportunities is great, it sometimes feels like we are all too busy and are struggling to keep up. It feels like we never have time for everything that we want to do or things that we need to do while the clock just keeps ticking away. To be honest, I think a lot of our busyness stems from comparing ourselves to others – seeing how busy they are and wanting to stay busy just like them. Our current society influences us to constantly “keep up with the Joneses” and to constantly keep adding more to our plate. I think, as a whole, we’ve let busyness become the god of our lives – taking them over.

We find our identity in how busy we are – taking pride in it.

Sometimes, we link our significance with busyness. Some of us find our self-worth in how busy we are or how many friends we have or people we know. A lot of us boast or complain about how busy we are. In order to squeeze more things in, we get rid of things that we forget are more important just so we can make ourselves busier – wearing ourselves thin. You don’t realize that you cut the wrong things out until it’s too late and you’re running from here to there every day and are completely overwhelmed with stress. I like having things to do just like every other college student. I’m a full-time student so I understand being busy, but I’m talking about the unnecessary busyness – the busyness that keeps you bouncing around from activity to activity leaving little time for yourself and for you to spend with God. The kind of busyness that never leaves you. The kind that when you’re in bed at night all you’re doing is thinking about all of the things you did and all of the things that you still have to do.

The devil tries to use busyness to pull us away from what truly matters – our relationship with God and our relationships with others.

There is a fine line between wanting to be “popular” among others and having genuine relationships with others. Friendship is about quality not quantity. Busyness tends to pull us away from those real genuine relationships that God has placed in our lives. It tends to allow us to become so preoccupied with our own lives that we neglect what is going on around us and in the lives of others. Busyness also provides us with a way to neglect Him.

It is vain for you to rise up early, To retire late, To eat the bread of painful labors; For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep. Psalm 127:2

God wants you to rest – both your mind and your body. At times, we can’t help it when we find ourselves in a busy season, but I think it’s really important to sit down and think about if we are buys for the right reasons. Are you “keeping busy” to make sure you don’t miss out on anything or to promote your status? Are you “keeping busy” to keep your mind off of something instead of allowing the Lord to deal with you? Doing God’s work will keep us busy, but at times, we find ourselves staying busy for the wrong reasons. Are you keeping yourself committed to the right things?

I think we could all benefit from getting into the habit of setting time aside every day to just retreat to somewhere free of distractions. Somewhere quiet. Somewhere less busy. Giving our minds time to rest and our bodies time to recharge. Using that time to get alone with God and allowing Him to just speak to you and speak to your heart. Showing you what things you’re doing for Him and what things you’re doing for yourself.

Don’t keep yourself so busy that you can’t hear God’s gentle whispers. Don’t keep yourself so busy that you don’t make time to spend with Him and those that He placed in your life.

2 thoughts on “Addicted to busyness.

  1. Such profound wisdom in a young vessel. God bless you, sweetie!!

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